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  1. John Pritchard says:

    Very interesting site – thanks for compiling it. I too first heard of this battle from Michael Wood (in his “In Search of Athelstan” film, way back in 1981) and his chapter on Tinsley Wood in “In Search of England” is a wonderfully evocative and haunting piece of historical writing. So I have to admit an innate bias for the Brinsworth theory, but it’s interesting to read about some of the rival candidates in more detail.

    • ronnie mccarthy says:

      It has surprised me just how many websites on the Battle of Brunanburgh subject have copied my statement – word for word.
      I have no objection to this.
      All this information should be open to the public.
      We should be looking now at other ways to gain more knowledge such as – Reading the landscape better, old maps, old stories, folklore, etc , etc.
      Eventually somebody may put all the pieces of the jigsaw together and see the full picture.
      Good Luck.

      • admin says:

        Hi Ronnie,

        I agree with what you say about looking at other ways to gain more information.

        What Brunanburh websites do you have? I apologise if I have used your material and not credited you – I tried to make sure all work was credited and linked back to the original site.



  2. David Anson says:

    Like you i have a pre-occupation with the Battle of Brunanburgh. i have written a historical novel on the subject and the location of the battle. Any chance of it going on your book list. It favours a SouthYorkshire site. I wrote the novel as everyone else is doing real history, although you can pick up my version on thereal history in about 16 pages on Rotherham Archaeology Society’w website.

  3. Ron hiit says:

    I like your fantastic web site, I was searching for this all over.
    best regards,

  4. catherine bird says:

    I have just started reading a book the story of the east riding of yorkshire by HORACE B.BROWNE printed in Hull in 1912 and it gives possibilities for several location for Brunanburh, but it does say that the Bridlington monk Peter of Langtoft and a lincshire hermit, who translated Peter’s norman-French into English is very definite about it-
    At Brunesburgh on Humber thei gan tham assaile,Fro morn unto even lasted that bataile.
    If Brunanburh did lie “on Humber” on which side of the river was it?
    some claim that the battle took place at Kirk burn near Driffield and others put it at Little Weighton, nearer the river.

    As i was just curious about this having just read it and google the name and came across your site I am just throwing in my two penneth worth as a true east yorkshire lass would.

  5. A great job putting all these texts online. Thank you.

    Dr Stephen Lewis

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