This is where it gets nasty!  We don’t know where Brunanburh was  fought and a lot of work has been done to decifer the clues and uncover the true location.  This part of the site will present the arguments for some of the possible locations.  This will be a bit of a work in progress for a while as I hope to get some people on side who have already presented arguments to let me use their work for this site.  If not I will have to plough through the evidence and see what I can come up with.

For now you will have to be content with my look at Broomridge in Northumberland, which I chose to do as it is one of the earliest referenced locations (1607) and little work has been done on it.  (And I’m a Northumbrian!)

If you wish to add to this site please contact me.  contact@brunanburh.org.uk