Other Sagas

Both the following Saga’s clearly use the same source, and are taken from an East Yorkshire Local History Society publication of 1966 by A L Binns.  They contain inaccuracies in terms of names (Some Saga’s are suspected to have the names of local heroes inserted into actual events to embellish their deeds) and are included here for interest, but who knows, maybe they refer to another tradition for the location of Brunanburh?

Jomsvikinga Saga (Ed – N F Blake 1962):

At that time King Aethelstan was ruling England. He was a good King and old. Towards the end of his time a Danish army came to England, led by sons of King Gorm, Knut and Harald. They harried all over Northumberland, subjected a large dominion and counted it as there legitimate family inheritance, as it had belonged to the sons of Earl Lothbrok and other ancestors of theirs. King Aethelstan collected a large force and moved against them, met them north of Cleveland and killed many Danes.

Ragnar Lothbrok’s Saga (Ed – Guthni Jonsson 1950):

(Aethelstan) was a good King and lived to be old. Towards the end of his time a Danish army came to England, and the leaders of the army were Knut and Harald, sons of King Gorm. They conquered a great kingdom in Northumberland which Ivar had had before.  King Aethelstan went against them and they fought north of Cleveland, and many Danes fell there.