Annals of Clonmacnoise

This text needs corrected:

The Danes of Loghrie, arrived at Dublin. Awley
with all the Danes of Dublin and north part of Ireland
departed and went over seas. The Danes that departed from
Dublin arrived in England, & by the help of the Danes of that
kingdom, they gave battle to the Saxons on the plaines of
othlyn, where there was a great slaughter of Normans and
Danes, among which these ensueing captaines were slaine,
viz. Sithfrey and Oisle, 2 sones of Sithrick, Galey, Awley
ffroit, and Moylemorrey the sonn of Cosse “Warce, Moyle Isa,
Gebeachan king of the Islands, Ceallagh prince of Scottland
with 30000 together with 800 captives about Awley m’Godfrey,
and abbot of Arick m’Brith, Iloa Deck, Imar, the king of
Denmarks owen son with 4000 souldiers in his guard were all
slaine. Conyng m’^Nealle Glunduffe Died.