William Camden

William Camden, writing ‘Britannia’ in 1607  first mentions Aethelstan in relation to the Danes with the following lines in his chapter on the Danes:

Athelstan…speedily marching to achieve victories, with great slaughter of the Danes subdued Northumberland, and so terribly pursued the Danes that they were forced either to depart the realm or submit  themselves to him.

Later in his desciption of Northumbria:

Here, at Brumford near Brumridge, (actual latin text is “Brumridg ad Brumeford”) King Athelstan fought a pitch’d Battel against Anlaf the Dane, Constantine King of Scots, and Eugenius petty King of Cumberland; wherein he had such success, that the Engagement is describ’d by the Historians and Poets of that Age in extraordinary Raptures of Wit and Bombast.